Training Day 1: Rain, Mud and Failure

Training Day 1:

“Well that sucked”- The first words that exited my mouth as my brother hops into the car covered in mud and complete dampness.

40 degrees and pissing rain at our local trails @ 8:00 in the morning was not the weather I was hoping for on day 1 of training. All things considered we do get to ride year-round (minus a few days that are unbearable) here and that is a true blessing. After our 10 or so minute warmup under a dry shelter we ventured into the oh so steady rain and slop.

In the years past I have been well acquainted with the rain and muck and actually grew to enjoy riding in it a lot, but this year we have had a record high dry spell that has led to me ride in almost desert-like conditions for the past 6-7 months or so. This rain, cold, and fogginess was a sight for sore and dry eyes to say the least.

Side note–I have been riding the FiveTen Hellcat’s for the past year and have absolutely loved them. Unfortunately, last week there was a defect that surfaced where the cleats screw in and I had to send them back (FiveTen is sending me a new pair and they have amazing customer service by the way). In the meantime I ordered some FiveTen Kestrel-lace (which my brother had tried and had some issues with his feet going numb) and was hoping to be very content in them due to me using a lot of different FiveTen products from climbing to biking. Still trying to decide…

Anyways, after about 45 minutes into our 2 hour ride I started noticing my toes feeling a little numb (obviously it’s cold, but I’ve ridden in much worse and been fine) so when we reached the top of the climb we were on I unlaced my mud covered, sopping wet shoes to assess my little piglets. They were indeed numb, and after about 2-3 minutes of trying to get some blood-flow back in them, I was unsuccessful. I was really wanting to ignore it, but knowing what sustained blood loss to capillaries can lead to in the extremities, I angrily dapped up my bro and said, “see ya back at the car”. “Velcro noise and a sharp click” and I was on my way back to see if I could heat up the ole piglets in the car.

After about 30 minutes or so they began to feel like normal, which I was happy for. As I sat in the warm car still drying off I was honestly pretty discontent in the first “day of training” even though I was able to ride my bike. It’s days like these that really test your love and passion for the sport and show you that “shit happens” and you have to suck it up and move on. Luckily both of my brothers are super encouraging and definitely helped my soaked and melancholy thoughts disappear and got me refocused on the end goal.

Today reminded me of how I feel when I watch PinkBike videos and how you rarely see the behind the scene “shit happens” moments and how common they really are. Anyways, day 1 of training finishes up with some good food, hot drink and some quality time with my family. Day 2 of the 6 month program starts tomorrow and I’ll be honest… This is going to hurt!!

P.S. I finished my first week of Nursing Orientation at the hospital this week! Week two here I come.

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