What excites me most about Trans-Provence

Hi! Hello! And welcome back to my blog about pre-race festivities and preparations for the 2017 Trans-Provence enduro race! This week we will be discussing what is really getting me excited about the race.

Would you not be excited as a mountain biker to take part in, what I believe, is one of the most epic mountain bike races in the world?? Duh. What I bet a lot of ya’ll have forgotten about is my new job as an emergency room nurse. Maybe you haven’t. Kudos for remembering. Anyways, all fun and games and training aside, this job is kicking my ass, in the best way possible. It challenges me to think critically, literally bring back dead people to life, and to deal with the most challenging and unimaginable situations you could think of on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong here, the race is what has kept me motivated for the past several months, but to be honest, the initial surplus of emotions and disbelief of getting accepted to the race has worn off a bit. The reality is that watching someone die, cleaning them, then wheeling them down to the morgue doesn’t really get me stoked to go train after a long day at work. Sometimes work feels like an opposing force to my love of mountain biking.

But all of that changes whenever I’m on my bike. The stress of work fades into the background and I am instantly reminded of of what a blessing and amazing opportunity the race is. Things come into focus, and I can almost feel myself on the tops of mountains in France.

So what, in those moments, gets me the most excited?

The freaking race is going to be sick!!! My brothers and I still talk about how amazing this opportunity is and what it may bring. New friends, new skills, new trail, new experiences, etc. This race is truly every enduro rider’s dream come true.

It’s funny to think about the videos I watch on Pinkbike and how I will be soon meeting and riding with these same people. It’s as if I am a little boy again and I get to meet my biggest heroes in a way. Then I realize I actually get to compete alongside some of the best riders in the world, which will be fun, but also show me how slow I actually am. It will be a fun challenge—I am representing the East Coast riders from the US! I’ll give em’ hell, boys.

The other night my two brothers and I were discussing the race and these posts while sipping a nice, local IPA and I was mentioning that I have been having difficulty with writers-block and how after long shifts at the hospital and working out I am left with zero energy or stoke to write.

My eldest brother then asked me, “What gets you excited about the Trans-Provence, like really gets you stoked?” I’m still thinking about that while writing this post. If I had to answer that right now as if my life depended on it, I would simply say:

The unknown adventure of mountain biking with the best riders in the world on the some of the best trails across the globe has me jumping up and down like a silly school boy.

I believe any decent rider has the feeling of pressure to preform in a race regardless of the what race it is, and that is something I am trying to constantly battle against. Yes, this is a race. Yes, there are professional riders. Yes, I want to perform to my maximum potential. BUT, I am going for the love of the sport and to make the most out of an amazing opportunity.

Who cares if a mechanical problem destroys my time or I’m the last rider to a liaison?   If I am not having fun, or at least out there to keep people stoked on riding, what is the point of being at the race? Truly enjoying something is about being thankful for it every moment, no matter what happens.

I am determined when the time comes to keep others minds on the fact that this opportunity comes few and far between and to keep the stoke high for all the riders, including myself, regardless of the outcomes.

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