Video: Cruising Ridgeline before snowfall

Ridgeline Trail, Dupont State Forest, WNC from Zach Suggs on Vimeo.

Hey guys! Stoked to share with you the video I mentioned in one of my earlier posts. One of my best friends is also a freaking baller when it comes to photos and videos. Luckily we got to go shoot in the woods of NC just before it started to snow as we were getting into our cars. I would have to say one of the more fun days I’ve had lately.

Filming and taking pictures, as some of you know so well, can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming. What you think was the perfect turn or the perfect line may look terrible to the photographer, which is quite annoying most of the time to say the least. Doing the same thing over and over just so it looks good is definitely not my style, or most peoples, but I must say it is super rewarding and humbling. It was really nice to go out in the woods and not have to think about getting a certain amount of miles in or a certain time on a trail for training purposes and to just be humbled by messing up and being told straight up “that was not it” by your friend (it helps with humility).

Anyways.. Enough of my blabber mouth. Enjoy!!

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