What scares me most about Trans-Provence

Buenos dias my fellow riders! This week on my blog we will be discussing what scares the hell out of me pertaining to the 2017 Trans-Provence race.

First off, would you not be scared? Or at least slightly intimidated? The constant uphill battle that I will have to fight for the remaining time of training, riding, and when the race finally comes is enormous. Doubts constantly fill my head when at work, when I’m riding and even when I’m just trying to relax after a long week. Frustration constantly creeps in with trying to balance the my work schedule (night shift) and training as well as keeping friendships and family in the mix. This has become more of a second job in itself, something I did not realize when I first found out about being accepted into the race. But, regardless of the difficulty, I am enjoying every bit of it!

Secondly, throughout the tough training program and working 12 hour shifts at night, I have not had a lot of time to fine-tune my trailside mechanic skills (which will be absolutely essential for the race). I am, at best, a mediocre mechanic and tend to just focus on the ‘riding fast part’ of biking. I can do a lot of things such as: changing tubes quickly, tuning my derailleur, changing brake pads, routing cables, tightening spokes, and some other basic things. As far as trailside skills, or on the fly tuning, I’m not so good. Luckily I have some amazing friends that have been on the mountain biking scene for a long time and understand how to improvise on the fly. These skills are a work in progress but I believe that I will be ready when the time comes.

Thirdly, traveling. This does not necessarily ‘scare’ me, but the things that could potentially go wrong are slightly overwhelming. Since I was accepted into the Trans-Provence race I have been reading and researching all the small details about traveling to another country with bike gear. {Side note- I have actually been to France once before when I was a small chap and only remember small details such as the Eiffel Tower and eating cheese haha! Glad to be returning later on in my early adulthood.} The stories of people that have had things go wrong are just devastating. Broken bikes, lost bikes, lost luggage, all the above. Even though this is ‘a part of traveling’, I have worked hard for my bike and if it was broken on arrival or lost then it would be a son of a gun. Regardless of all those potential issues, it is going to be such an amazing adventure! Traveling to France with my bike to ride some of the best trails in the world with some of the best riders in the world for 6 days! WHAT? Still jonesing on this so much.

Back to work and training. Next blog we will focus on how I Fine Tune My Giant Reign! Stay tuned.

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