unexpected injury

Well.. I was hoping to post my next blog about all the ins and outs of how I set my bike up, but then this happened. If you cannot decipher the orientation of the laceration, its right above my left knee (which i’m currently icing and having trouble typing this blog cause my left arm and hand look like marshmallows).  Regardless, I’m sitting here living another day and trying to keep the stoke high.

No avid mountain biker wants to wreck, but there are times when you know you are due for a good one, and this was mine. I’m in the midst of training for the Transprovence and was tagging along this week for a couple days of the Pisgah Stage Race with my brothers to see how my fitness level was and if my riding was improving. Overall I was very happy with my riding and my fitness (definitely needs a lot of improvement) and on the third day of riding out of 5 I ate some serious dirt. Going around mach 5 down one of the funnest and demanding trails in Pisgah National forest, Avery Creek decided to claim another victim, me. Leading the pack down the enduro section of the series I was feeling very on top of things when all of the sudden my front tire washed out on some slick clay and ejected me to the ground, hard. As I sat up and gave my brother the initial ‘okay’ I realized my left side had taken most of the impact. I sat down and pulled my bike away trying to collect myself as most people do wrecking going around 20-25mph and looked down to discover this:


Out of all the days riding and all the trails I’ve ridden I have ALWAYS worn my knee pads, but for this day there is a massive amount of tame trail and a depressing number of miles climbing up before you reach this point, so the pads never came out. Regardless of how dumb I felt, the knee and cut are fine, but my left arm and wrist have me concerned.

The gladness I felt after the PA (physicians assistant) told me that nothing was broken was hard to put into words. Overall I was feeling good leaving the Emergency Room (funny finding my way back in my place of work) until I woke up this morning. Barely able to move my arm and make a fist with my left hand definitely had me concerned. I even have to miss work because I literally cannot advocate for my patients being in this condition (thinking to myself “this sucks”).

Recovery time to being able to pedal again is hopefully just a couple weeks if not less, but at the rate my arm and hand are feeling I’m not feeling very optimistic about getting back on my bike anytime soon. This definitely puts a damper on my training as well as the stoke factor. Anyways, I’m alive and well and living another day doing what I love, so to that, CHEERS!

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